Ajey Pandey

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Analyst

Perfectly Nice Neighbors, Ep 8: Brochure Hunting

An exploration of promotional materials for "gentrifying structures." But what does that mean? What does gentrification mean? What does...anything mean?

Structures explored:
The Pinehills (Plymouth, MA)
One North of Boston (Chelsea, MA)
One Webster (Chelsea, MA)
Troy Boston (South End, Boston, MA)
Ocean 650 Apartments (Revere, MA)

Perfectly Nice Neighbors, Ep 7: Theory (Sylvie Tissot)

An exploration of "Good Neighbors: Gentrifying Diversity in Boston's South End" by Sylvie Tissot, a book that traces the history of a neighborhood that did exactly what Jane Jacobs prescribed. How exactly does gentrification work? And is Ajey an archetypal example of the gentrifiers he so fears?

Source Cited: 
"Good Neighbors: Gentrifying Diversity in Boston's South End" by Sylvie Tissot. Translated by David Broder and Catherine Romatowski. Published in 2015 by Verso.

Perfectly Nice Neighbors, Ep 6: Theory (Jane Jacobs - 2)

A continued exploration of "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" by Jane Jacobs, and a meditation on the concept of "unslumming." Could Jacobs's ideas save affordable housing? And did she accidentally predict the forces that would drive gentrification over fifty years later?

Source cited:
"The Death and Life of Great American Cities," by Jane Jacobs. First published 1961 by Random House.

Perfectly Nice Neighbors, Ep 4: Case Study (Chelsea)

A case study of Chelsea, Massachusetts, a city that has risen from its own ashes several times in the past century. But it may be facing another threat: the Lovecraftian force of gentrification.

Participant interviewed:
Amber-Nicole Rodriguez

Sources cited: