Ajey Pandey

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Analyst


I’m Ajey. Pleasure to meet you!

I use he/him pronouns, and I'm a Research Analyst at Cadmus, a consultancy firm focusing on energy efficiency, sustainability, and renewable energy.

…That sounds really vague, so let’s dig into that.

A lot of folks, from state and local governments to non-profit organizations to commercial developers, want to reduce the greenhouse gas of impact their communities and jurisdictions. So maybe they’ll say “We should have a lot more people install solar panels on their houses!” or “We should set a goal for this town to be carbon-neutral by 2050!

But that inevitably returns the question: “But uh…how do we do that?”

My job is to help answer that question.

Some that involves building models in Microsoft Excel and NREL BEopt. Some of that involves digging through datasheets to figure out how much power, exactly can be pulled through a heater. Some of that involves interviewing government officials, heat pump installers, or developers. All of it turns into concise reports and presentations that can be understood by people who have better things to do than stare at my models.

Climate policy in its broad strokes is simple: Line the country in renewable electricity, use that electricity to power our lives, beef up infrastructure to weather the effects of climate change, and…I guess plant some trees to try and reverse some of the damage we’ve done to our home planet.

But the details get complicated. Where do you dig geothermal wells? How do you convince people to replace boilers that don’t need replacing yet? How do you get solar power in the hands of people who straight-up cannot afford it?

Those details are important, and although they’re solvable, someone has to do the solving. I don’t claim to have the answers, but my job is to find those answers, and then explain my findings so that people on the ground can make the right decision for what they’re doing.